There is no doubt Donald trump is “resonating” with the voters as Rudy Giuliani puts it. Trump’s biggest political accomplishment so far is his self-proclaimed success in getting the President of the United States to take time from his schedule to actually release a long-form birth certificate. The regular, proof of birth document or the traditional, short version hasn’t been enough for some so the White House released the long form. And yet, Trump fashions himself as a real contender for the top office. (By the way, The Shad had to recently produce a birth certificate for a passport and for a new gig at the wonderful Oxfam America. My dad went down to the town hall in the little town I grew up in; the town clerk, who I think is also the roads superintendent, printed it out; it was notarized; case closed).

What’s probably most alarming about The Apprentice guy is that he, at least in his mind, is never wrong. Witness his latest assertion that a CNN poll shows running dead even against President Obama. The problem is, CNN never did such a poll. That’s fine, maybe CNN reported on another such survey and Trump merely got the source of the survey wrong. Such an explanation is never good enough for Trump. Even in the face of highly respected journalist Jon King—of CNN—telling Trump there was no such poll (and we would hope King would know), The Donald persisted. Here’s the transcript:


KING: — CNN poll that shows you in a dead heat with the president of the United States.

TRUMP: That’s right.

KING: There’s no such poll. We’ve never polled.

TRUMP: I’ll give it to you.


TRUMP: I’ll give it to you.

KING: We have never polled Obama versus Trump.

TRUMP: Yes, you have.


TRUMP: Oh really? Do you want —


TRUMP: Can I show it to you?


TRUMP: Can I show it to you?

KING: Yes, I’d love to see it.

TRUMP: Excuse me, hold it. Can you get that poll? It was like 42 to 44. A CNN poll.

KING: CNN has never polled Obama versus Trump.

TRUMP: OK. That’s fine. Let’s see if you’re right or wrong, OK? CNN — it had like a 42 to 44. It was a statistical dead heat. Check it. You know the one I’m talking about, Michael? OK, I think you’re wrong.

KING: You —

TRUMP: Of course you’re not going to show that because if you are wrong, you will cut it out.


TRUMP: Excuse me, if you are wrong —

KING: When I find out —

TRUMP: Excuse me, if you are wrong, you’ll cut it out.



TRUMP: You’re wrong.

KING: No, if I’m wrong, I look at the camera — I made a mistake. I’m wrong.

TRUMP: Good, good. I hope you do that.

KING: That’s what I do.

TRUMP: I mean, I hope you do that. OK, next question.


Ok, so I made that last line up. But whatever hair product Trump uses has seeped into his brain. On the flipside, the Democrats would love to have this guy leading the field of potential challengers to Obama for as long as humanly possible.