The state House and Senate Democrats who control the chambers of the General Assembly both caucused the leadership-Malloy administration budget agreement for hours on end yesterday. It turns out, this spending plan is by no means a done deal.

As the tireless Christine Stuart of reports, many lawmakers are not particularly comfortable with voting in favor of a budget that relies on $2 billion in union concessions to balance—concessions that have yet to materialize.

Some on both political sides of Malloy have questioned the constitutionality of approving a budget balanced on assumed savings. We have political has-beens like Jonathan Pelto and Tom Scott who are desperately trying to stay relevant, as well as Republican House leader Larry Cafero and Senate chief John McKinney who will don’t like the budget anyway (all very nice people, The Shad notes). But the fact is, like it or not, the legislature has been doing this type of thing for years albeit, not for with this large a number. Besides, there’s always that Barnes Billion Dollar Budget Provision as a safety valve The Shad wrote about yesterday (and rattled some cages).

Over in the Senate, The Shad’s former boss, Sen. Pres. Don Williams and his staff are scrambling to get vote on the budget before support for it breaks down. Sens. Ed Meyer, Joan Hartley, Gayle Slossberg, Bob Duff, Steve Cassano and Joe Crisco are said to be targets for flipping against the spending plan. There may be others.

The point is, support for this agreement is very shallow and much could happen between now and an actual attempt at passage.