The state of Connecticut apparently doesn’t need the extra millions in revenue despite a $500 million-plus budget deficit for the current fiscal year. The state is bleeding jobs, everyone says job creation is priority one but legislators have decided certain stores and their jobs along our state borders don’t matter. Apparently certain legislators are arrogant to the point that they wouldn’t allow a bill that has widespread support to move along in the process. And finally, some legislators believe one particular type of store and industry deserves special treatment and special protections. Only in Connecticut. No, no, really…only in Connecticut, literally. Our surrounding states already have stepped out of the American Revolution and allow Sunday sales.
Rather than lose the vote, the Program Review and Investigations Committee did hold one so the bill will die in committee.
The same theme is running through the town of Vernon, albeit on a smaller scale. The town’s zoning and planning committee rejected a developer’s request to build a small amphitheater for concerts and parking to go with. The project was backed by the Tolland Chamber of Commerce, probably for the taxes it would bring in and the jobs (mostly seasonal) it would create.

Again, everyone wants lower taxes and more jobs but when it might in any way affect these people, the scream bloody murder and defeat the proposals. I’m sure if it was build in Tolland, the people in Vernon would have no problem with it.