Again with acknowledgements to the Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo (from whom I blatantly ripped off this title), here’s this week’s collection of fun stuff:

1. From my friend and fraternity brother (Sigma Chi, Syracuse) comic extraordinaire John Alston this morning: “Giant replica of Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace in the center of my living room just about done. About to put on my Queen Elizabeth crown and terri cloth robe and curl up on the couch with my assortment of teas and my royal wedding scrap book. Oh, yeah, tissues. Lots of tissues for the waterfall of tears I know will be flowing during the 3AM wedding vows. I’m in heaven! [Expletive] heaven! Who’s with me?” Former state Rep. Mike Lawlor wonders on Facebook this morning whether it was the Queen who was being sworn in.  Mike, the royals aren’t “sworn in,” they’re “C-sectioned in.” What, too soon?
2. In watching representatives of the Obama administration appear on various Sunday talk shows and seeing them give various interviews, it’s clear one of the talking points (or catch phrases) being floated is, “Win the Future.” We need to “Win the Future.” If we don’t get health care in place we can’t “Win the Future.” Gasoline prices? –holding us back from being able to “Win the Future.” Just one question: Who thought it was a good idea to have “WTF” as a brand?

3. After doing the right thing and passing legislation to better deal with concussions suffered by high school athletes, the Connecticut General Assembly is poised to require batting anyone under the age of 18 wear batting helmets inside commercial batting cages. It’s an excellent idea to help stop brain injuries, facial lacerations and concussions. Getting hit in the head with a baseball can be dangerous with a helmet on. The Shad personally suffered such an occurrence in high school when I was beaned (with the bases loaded) right in the temple with a fastball (Lee v. Monument Mountain, 1982: Kinne pitching, Lee’s catcher Scully hitting). I was supposed to accept a scholarship award that night but my head hurt so bad I was unable to speak (my smart-ass friends can insert joke here). Every time I moved my jaw, I had intense pain in the temple. Wear those helmets, kids.
4. There is absolutely nothing better than NHL playoff hockey. Easy for me to say now that I work right next door to the TD Garden where the Bruins won game 7 Wednesday night.
5. The Shad has been somewhat harsh on former Gov. John Rowland and his radio show. But nothing quite like Courant columnist (and Shad fave) Rick Green.
6. The best, fairly unknown TV shows these days are The Chicago Code (Fox), Harry’s Law (NBC) and Parenthood (NBC). And note to all my fellow Sea Shepherds—Whale Wars returns Friday, June 3 on Animal Planet. Paul Watson and the crew are bigger bad-asses than ever.