Here’s the latest collection of random thoughts, ideas and observations that you may or may not find interesting:
1. The big deal made about state Senate President Don Williams misspeaking the name of Yankee closer Mariano Rivera (he called him Mariano “Riviera”) was silly. Williams was obviously trying to play to the home crowd of—ugh—Yankee fans. Don’t believe for a second he isn’t a baseball fan. His office is adorned with autographed pictures of Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, George Foster and other members of the Big Red Machine. He was born and spent his early years in Cincinnati.
2. One way NOT to respond to over-the-top political rhetoric is to come back with even worse hyperbole. State Democratic Party Chair Nancy Dinardo issued a statement last week criticizing Republicans, “The bizarre rhetoric we have seen this week from the increasingly-extreme CT Republicans has reached a new and embarrassing low.” She then went on to say GOP Chief Chris Healy and state Sen. John Kissel (R-Enfield) “do nothing but divide Americans and show just how out-of-touch and delusional they and their party are becoming.” Delusional? Someone call a psychiatrist.
3. After appearing on the FOX-Connecticut Morning News last week, I have even more respect for state House Majority Leader Brendan Sharkey and Republican state Senator Joe Markley. Both made strong cases for their views on the budget. I sat between them, arguing the middle ground (as I view it), trying to cause as much trouble as possible.

4. Love this picture posted by Channel 3’s anchor extraordinaire Dennis House on his website, The Hartfordite. It was taken at union rally at Bushnell Park.

5. And from comic and Shad “brother” John Alston:

“I LOVE Rachael Ray. This is my favorite part of the afternoon. Oh, and death to America.”