The next few days will be crucial in determining what direction the state of Connecticut is going to head. Concession talks between the Malloy administration and state employee unions intensified over the weekend after Malloy raised the stakes Friday, spelling out a doomsday scenario if no agreement is reached.

State Senate Majority Leader Mary Looney tells The Shad he certainly doesn’t want to see things come to what is referred to as “Plan B.” “We’re counting on the governor to come through with an agreement,” he said. Looney added that leaders were briefed by the Malloy on the nasty alternatives. “We were told they’re looking at 47-hundred layoffs. Then were shown a list of another $1.2 billion in possible cuts, from which we might choose $600 million.” Looney said if such measures were taken the state’s safety net for the most vulnerable would be shredded—something Malloy has said from the very beginning of his campaign for governor he would not do.

Looney added that if there was anything good to take away from the talks over the weekend is that there were no leaks to the media. “It’s a good sign,” he said. It’s not unusual for one party to a negotiation to leak content of the talks if it feels things aren’t going its way.

The governor is supposed to present the legislature with an updated budget plan, filling the $2 billion hole, by May 31st. The legislature is then allowed but not required to approve or change the updated plan according to language in the budget bill that passed.