Every day that goes by without the secretary of state having to answer questions about an unbelievably embarrassing database her office compiled is a day Susan Bysiewicz looks in the mirror and says, “Yes!” and gives herself a little fist pump. Unfortunately, those days are turning out to be few and far between because as it turns out, The Hartford Courant’s Jon Lender is still studying the database and still churning out stories that show how bad and how completely political this taxpayer-funded list really is. Lender reported yesterday how notations were made next to former delegates to the Democratic Party Convention. No Republicans, just the Dems.—there goes her argument that the list is not political.

Other objectionable “notes” were made about people’s health, their religion (only if they were Jewish), their heritage (Greek, Polish, etc), who they knew (ex: “friend of Jepsen’s” referring to Bysiewicz rival George Jepsen), family members, etc. As has been written here before, depending on the next Quinnipiac poll, this could all be fatal to the Bysiewicz campaign for attorney general. The question is, does she run for reelection, screwing up plenty of people’s plans (Denise Merrill, Jonathan Harris)?
Mother Nature opened up a big can of whoop-ass on parts of Connecticut this weekend. A New Jersey woman was killed in Westport when a tree fell on her SUV. And a woman taking a walk in Greenwich died when she was struck by a falling tree.

Tens of thousands are still without power this morning—mostly in Fairfield County—as torrential rain felled trees, downed power lines and flooded roads. Schools in that part of our state are closed this morning as the clean up continues.

In a related but happier story, the Hartford and New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Parades got rained on but went off nonetheless thanks in no small part to volunteers like Don and Bridgette McSweegan (The Shad’s neighbors) who work year-round on the Hartford parade. Don McSweegan told me that 39 years ago, when the parade first started, it went for six blocks on Farmington Avenue on one side of the street. (Traffic was still coming through on the other side!) It’s special people like the McSweegans and countless others who have made the parade the wonderful event it is today.
Lots of clean up in Newington this morning. A milk truck overturned on Milk Lane. No kidding. A crowd of people was seen heading over to Cookie Street.
The UConn Huskies men’s basketball team will be playing in the NIT this year (as is Quinnipiac who barely missed making the NCAAs). The Huskies take on the Huskies of Northeastern (where Jim Calhoun used to coach) at Gampel Pavilion in Storrs, Tuesday at 7 pm. There is a chance UConn and Quinnipiac might play each other in the second round. And oh, for what it’s worth, The Shad’s alma mater, Syracuse, is a number-one seed (West Regional) in the NCAA “Big Dance.”

The UConn women’s hoops team finds out tonight who they will destroy, uh, I mean play in the women’s NCAA tournament. I predict they will be a number one seed (the limb is really short, I know).