Those who write for a living (or for fun) will tell you they don’t find the best and most interesting stories.  The stories find you.  Such is the case with The Shad, who upon a move of Scully Communications’ home office to Cambridge, Mass., encountered one of the best personal stories in the history of the blog (OK, so I only started this project in late 2009 but it’s still a great story).

Lining up a mover to bring one’s life belongings from one state to another can be a traumatic experience.  Entrusting one’s entire life’s worth of memories and material is a huge leap faith.  I scoured the Internet for someone who had good reviews (on sites such as Angie’s List) and a solid reputation.  When I spoke to “Nick” from Professional Movers, I had a feeling about him.  He seemed genuine honest, affordable and above board.  Of course you never know with these things.  He could have ended up holding my stuff hostage in some nondescript, white truck until I came up with more cash.

As it turns out, that wasn’t the case.  Nick Ramos showed up on time, ready to go, with two young helpers.  I’ve moved a number of times and I have never seen guys work like that.  Bursting with energy, they did a full pack.  I’m talking about walking into my place and packing up three floors of stuff—precisely, efficiently and mannerly.  They came in under my budget and did it all in less time than I could have ever imagined.  And Nick was more upbeat and positive than any man packing up another man’s stuff should be.

It wasn’t until we were settling up the bill that I got the full story.  It turns out that Nick was born in Chile but came to the US because of the political climate there.  He settled his family near New Orleans.  Fast forward to 2005 and Hurricane Katrina.  Nearly 2,000 people died in the actual hurricane and subsequent flooding.  Countless others were displaced.  Nick and his family were among them.  His home was wiped out.

With the help of philanthropic organizations, Nick moved his family to a town just outside of Worcester, Mass., where he started his moving company.  He now has five trucks, employs 20 people and with all the heartbreak and circumstances that would put lesser men down for the count, Nick remains the most positive person I’ve met in some time (not to mention having just as much energy at the end of the nearly 10-hour move as he did at the beginning).

The Shad is impressed and highly recommends Nick Ramos of NES Solutions (Transport and Moving Solutions) for all your moving needs. 508-615-4502. Yes, it’s a blatant and free plug for a business.  But it’s for a guy whose personal story should be an inspiration to us all.