1. I really don’ care what anybody says, who would you like your son to be like—hopeless romantic/“Prom Kid” James Tate or crybaby-quitter Jorge Posada? I’ll take my chances with James.
2. In the mist of the outcry of Gov. Malloy’s “Plan B” budget, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton went over the top about the potential cut of 32 workers at the Western Connecticut Mental Health Networks Danbury office. Boughton said he didn’t like the administration using “mental health patients as pawns in the negotiations.” Wait, isn’t this the same guy who ran on the Republican ticket headed by Tom Foley? The same Tom Foley who wanted to plug the $3.7 billion budget hole with no new taxes? What kind of cuts would have been imposed in the mental health field if Foley and Boughton had won?
3. Want to take a nice stroll through a park in Meriden? I wouldn’t choose Memorial Park—unless you went before you left the house. The finance board decided not to pony up the $15,000 to renovate the restrooms at the park which are said to be gross at best. Why bother? Parks aren’t important.

4. Leno, Letterman, Conan, Kimmel, Stewart, et al should all get together and sue! Trump can’t get out this early. There’s so much material still to be done.
5. The most powerful union-backer in the state legislature, Speaker of the House Chris Donovan, is running for Congress from Connecticut’s 5th district. How did he announce it? By passing out stickers at the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey dinner, the state Democratic Party’s annual fund-raising bash. Beats doing it by Skype.
6. “I’m rubber, you’re glue…wait…”