When word got around state Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy was making calls in advance of running for another term as GOP chief, the Democratic State Central Committee released a statement clobbering Healy in a silly, almost childish way. A little more positive support of Democratic initiatives and the administration of Gov. Dannel Malloy (the first Dem governor in 20 years) and a little less obsession with slamming the opposing (and somewhat irrelevant) party would serve the Democrats well.

“If the reports are correct this afternoon that Chris Healy is running for another term as GOP Chair, count everyone at the CT Democratic Party as his first pledged supporters,” the statement written as coming from CT Democrats read. “We pray every day that Chris Healy will continue as the chief spokesman and strategist for the CT GOP. With his track record of losing elections and saying bizarre things, who could be better for us? Where do we sign up to volunteer?” We “pray every day?” Where do we “sign up?” Wow. Healy may say bizarre things at times but the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) could use a dose of maturity and several doses of focus. And The Shad is a registered Democrat who has had close contact with DSCC as recently as two months ago. It’s probably not by coincidence that party chairwoman Nancy DiNardo’s name was not on the statement. She knows better than to own that quote.

As far as Healy is concerned, The Shad thinketh the Dems protest too much. If Healy really is a bizarre-statement spewing loser, why wouldn’t the Dems just ignore him? Instead, they repeatedly put him in the spotlight. The obsession with Healy and his fellow Republicans has been developing for some time. Before this latest attempt at being witty or sarcastic or clever or whatever it was intended to be, the Dems released, “Healy’s Distraction Campaign Continues” (May 18); “SURPRISE!—Chris Healy is opposed to something (anything) Governor Malloy wants to do” (May 17); “Statement from Chairwoman DiNardo on Offensive, Desperate and Divisive Republican Rhetoric” (May 5—in which DiNardo said the opposition was “delusional”); “Concern Grows Over Republicans’ plan to Slash Safety Net” (April 28); and “Republican Budget: Slash Safety Net, Ask Middle Class Families to Shoulder to Shoulder Entire Burden” (April 20). Sandwiched in there was a release on Gov. Malloy heading the big Democratic fundraiser, the Jefferson, Jackson, Bailey Dinner.

The Shad is more than well-versed in the need to keep the opposition’s feet to the fire. But the DSCC seems willing to sacrifice promoting what good things the party is doing and stands for in order to do nothing but blast Republicans. Even when they complement their own people it’s only in the context of going negative on the GOP—“… Republican Chair Chris Healy is opposed to Governor Malloy’s proposal to transform the UConn Health Center into a major economic and bioscience hub. In the process, this plan will create thousands of new construction jobs, as well as longer-term, sustained growth in the region…New jobs now? Sustained economic growth in the future? Figuring out what Connecticut can lead in next? Of course Healy is opposed to all of that- it was proposed by Governor Malloy… New jobs now? Sustained economic growth in the future? Figuring out what Connecticut can lead in next? Of course Healy is opposed to all of that- it was proposed by Governor Malloy.”—The “SURPRISE” release.

Time to focus on what the Democratic Party is doing right; not on how the Republicans are always wrong.