When Gov. Dannel Malloy announced his support for the 9.7-mile, half-a-billion-dollar, New Britain-to-Hartford busway, he didn’t sound like a man who really wanted to “go all in” on the project which will likely end up a national embarrassment for Connecticut. He did however, lead the state bond commission to borrow $90 million for the project and set it in motion. It was already a waste of money regardless of how much it would leverage in federal funds—which is still taxpayer money—and it’s getting worse.

It was more than a year ago that The Hanging Shad first weighed in on the project. And while The Shad remains a supporter of Gov. Malloy and the overwhelming majority of his initiatives, we part ways on this one. Yes, it will create jobs and already has. But supporting a project because it will bring in federal money and because it will create some jobs to build it is not reason to support the said project if it is a mistake in the long run.

There is just no way I can be convinced that a significant number of people will get out of their cars and get on a bus in New Britain (or anywhere else on the line) to travel to Hartford.

The busway project is already proving to be an abuse of our money and there is no reason to believe it won’t continue. Yet the prevailing thought among busway supporters is that we’re too far along into it to stop. In other words, proponents contend the busway is too big to fail.

Stop the madness.