It seems that even in leaving office, former Bully-in-Chief Lisa Moody (officially chief of staff for former Gov. Jodi Rell), has controversy trailing her. The ethically challenge Moody retired from state service upon the inauguration of new Gov. Dannel Malloy. She employed a rarely used provision in state statute to retire three and a half years before the minimum retirement age of 55. She collects $55,200 a year.

Moody’s unique way of retiring has raised the ire of Gov. Malloy’s top legal advisor, former state Senator Andrew McDonald. Let’s just say this: If McDonald says something is amiss with Moody’s retirement, then something is amiss with Moody’s retirement. McDonald is a no-nonsense, brilliant attorney who also possesses the political instincts to go far beyond his time in the Malloy administration. (Full disclosure: The Shad worked closely with McDonald in the state Senate caucus and has come to know him both professionally and personally.) He is also no doubt well aware of the conniving nature of Moody who once, under oath, told a legislative committee she never read a memo that eventually surfaced with her hand-written edits on it.

The Moody retirement has put two prominent Democrats in the strange situation of having divergent opinions on the issue. McDonald seems to think the whole thing should be reviewed. He parsed it nicely but to bottom-line it, he thinks: Moody wasn’t “not reappointed.” She quit. However state Comptroller Kevin Lembo (another Shad favorite) says the retirement was proper. Fortunately for Moody, it’s the Comptroller’s office that has the final say on retirements, pensions and benefits.

Had Moody employed a little less of a “scorched earth” policy—and an unethical one at that—during her years in state service, she might have just skated through the process. But her reputation for failing to walk the ethical line so pronounced by Rell and her straight out nastiness (she once called The Shad’s supervisor asking that the Senate Dems “shut that guy up” because I dared to take her on in the media—my turf) will always cause people to scrutinize her every move.