What if a medium-sized city in Connecticut switched political parties and nobody cared? That’s the situation that has befallen Michael Jarjura, the mayor of Waterbury. The previous claim to fame for the office he holds is that its prior occupants did (or is doing) time—a low bar for success indeed. Stay out of the slammer and you’re one up.

Jarjura made it official Tuesday. He’s switching from the Democratic to the Republican Party. Whoop-de-do. No one cares. (That is the first “Whoop-de-do” in the history of The Hanging Shad—write down the date.)

Jarjura is the same guy who ran a gutter-level campaign for state comptroller against eventual winner (and then-fellow Democrat) Kevin Lembo. Lembo managed to win the primary without stooping to Jarjura’s level. As a registered Democrat, just let me say, “Good riddance.” Have at him, GOP. Nominate him for another statewide office. The results will be the same.