Lt. Governor Michael Fedele has launched his first TV ad in his bid to win the top spot with his boss, Jodi Rell, not seeking reelection. Fedele is obviously trying to show his conservative credentials—his ad will run on shows such as Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. The Fedele campaign says it will spend $100,000 on the ad buy before the state Republican convention. One well-respected Capitol veteran says until Fedele became lt. governor, he couldn’t pick Fedele out of a line-up.

Fedele may think this is his last chance to break into the top tier. He is mired in single digits while former ambassador to Ireland Tom Foley leads. Here is the Fedele ad: http://blogs.courant.com/capitol_watch/2010/03/lt-gov-mike-fedele-releases-fi.html.

Maybe Fedele show seize on the fact that he is in charge of the state right now! Governor Rell, apparently forgetting once again that she is still governor for a while, deciding to skip the all-night budget debates, the back and forths in the legislature, to spend some time with the grand kiddies in Colorado (can you blame her?). In all honestly Fedele has a no-win situation. A governor should be all over this wrath-of-God flooding story, going to the scene to assess the damage. If Fedele doesn’t do anything, he wasted a chance (while his ad is running) to show he’d be a strong governor. If he does show up at the worst flooding, he’ll be called an opportunist. The Shad thinks he should go. Remember, he is at 4%.


Gov. Rell may be taking this “family comes first” thing too far. When the Senate passed a deficit reduction bill after an all night session, governor had already let it know that the package didn’t contain enough cuts and that she would veto it. In probably the only truly practical move, Speaker Chris Donovan figured why waste what would be another all-night session on a bill that would be vetoed? So he canceled the session.

Trying to figure out where out specifically the governor wanted to cut, Senate President Don Williams and Donovan called the governor in Colorado. Apparently they were told she couldn’t come to the phone.

The upshot of all this is that after an all-night session by the senate, failed communication with the governor, the House not even taking up the Senate plan, we are exactly where we were prior to all this—a current budget deficit of more than $500 million and no agreement in sight.

To make matter worse, Senate Democrats issued a release basically telling Donovan and the House Democrats to get on the ball and pass the bill they passed. Maybe senators were jealous House members got to sleep when their session was called off. It is important to note that it is highly unusual for the leader of one chamber to criticized the other which is run by someone of the same party. Was Williams thinking that going public with the intra party dispute would persuade Donovan to hold a session? Or was he just trying to be on record as saying, “Hey, we passed something.” Either way, it’s an ill-advised move. Sure, it’s easy to be a Monday Morning Quarterback but such a news release ( http://www.senatedems.ct.gov/ ) only makes things worse; appears to be an attempt to make Donovan look bad and results in bad feels all around. As a former Sunday afternoon quarterback, The Shad would have tried as hard as possible to talk Williams out of issuing the release. More governing, less “campaigning” has long been needed.