As if he took the document out of a brief case and slammed it on the table, Gov. Dannel Malloy yesterday once again raised the possibility of thousands of layoffs of state workers should state employee unions not ratify the agreement reach by his administration and labor negotiators.

Lobbying of rank and file union members is heating up with competing websites and YouTube videos urging approval or rejection of the deal. Likewise, union negotiators have produced a video of long-time union attorney Dan Livingston urging ratification (The Shad may have gone too far last week in describing the Livingston video as looking like he was making a hostage tape).

The stakes are high enough that Gov. Malloy is again talking about massive layoffs, beyond the 4,700 Malloy talked about as part of the infamous “Plan B.” The governor now says the pink slips could extend to long-time state employees as full agencies are at risk of being eliminated. More scare tactics to push the deal over the goal line or stark, real-life reality should labor be moronic enough to reject the deal? You decide.