Former Gov. John Rowland may be going from two, fulltime jobs down to one. Rowland is currently the city of Waterbury’s economic development czar, paid through the Waterbury regional Chamber of Commerce. He is also half of the duo that hosts WTIC-AM radio’s afternoon drive show, “State and Church.”

Rowland may be paid by the chamber but a substantial amount of his salary is assumed to come from the $100,000 the city contributes to the chamber annually. A budget committee of the board of aldermen doesn’t want to pony up that money anymore, The Waterbury daily newspaper The Republican-American reports.

There were some raised eyebrows both when Rowland was offered the chamber position—he spent nearly a year in prison on a corruption charge—and when he piled on the radio gig. At the time, The Hanging Shad reported that the chamber was fine with Rowland doing the show.

The two jobs have turned into a bit of a problem for the continuity of the program show he hosts with Compassionless Pastor Will Marotti. One or the other is often absent, Rowland presumably to attend to chamber business. While Rowland can get by on his own without Marotti, the opposite is not true (at least in the opinion of The Shad, a radio veteran and former guest host in that same time slot at WTIC-AM).

In any event, without the funding from the city, there is serious question as to whether the chamber can continue to fund the position Rowland currently has. There are likely negative implications for economic development efforts in Waterbury but possibly positive implications for his radio show—as far as his attendance, not as far as permitting dissenting voices to be heard. That seems unlikely to happen. Having anyone with an informed, differing viewpoint won’t be heard amid the cavalcade of conservative lawmakers and GOP cheerleading that goes on.

WTIC-AM is about a half an inch away from the radio format now known as “Rush Radio.” It has Ray Dunaway (by far the fairest, most enjoyable and most honestly balanced radio pro in the Northeast); Jim Vicevich (a Shad favorite because he is “good radio” but whackier than anything heard on “AM Coast-to-Coast”—the overnight show); Rush; Rowland and Marotti; some combination of sports-talk host Joe D’Ambrosio, the Red Sox (thank goodness) and consumer guru Clark Howard; Sean Hannity (more listenable but just as predictable as Rush); then, the aforementioned Far Out Space Nuts on “AM Coast-to-Coast.” With the exception of Dunaway, that’s a far cry from Bob Steele.