The Shad’s “Apropos of Nothing’ is designed to be a fun to read (and certainly to write for me). As always, I invite all readers to submit ideas. Here we go:
1. What does it say about our country that Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are considered by some to be presidential material? Isn’t basic intelligence a requirement? Bachmann thinks the American Revolutionary War began in New Hampshire (the battle of Lexington and Concord in the Granite State?). And Palin said that Paul Revere’s ride was to “warn the British that they wouldn’t be able to take our arms.” It’s not only a mangling of history, it’s a pathetic attempt to spin the 2nd Amendment. Then on FOX News Sunday, she claimed that she didn’t get it wrong. Armed with some talking points, she said Revere did in fact warn the British that they couldn’t take American arms. The usually balanced Chris Wallace engaged in a suck-up fest with Palin, calling her a “serious candidate” later in the show. Pathetic.
2. US Speaker of the House John Boehner cries like a baby when the sun rises. He turned on the waterworks at a recent graduation address last week. Can you imagine if a female politician cried as often? She’d immediately be labeled “not tough enough.”
3. NBC’s coverage of the Stanley Cup hockey finals has been very good. But while the network has gone out of its way to avoid showing the Vancouver Green Men (who are hilarious), it has no problem shamelessly combing the opening of each game with a promotion for the new Green Hornet movie. Green is green, isn’t it?

4. The 2011 session of the Connecticut General Assembly ends at midnight Wednesday. The Shad will make the rounds on Connecticut morning TV shows Thursday morning to analyze the results. I’ll be on NBC-Connecticut with Brad Drazen at 5:15 & 6:15 am and on FOX-Connecticut with Logan Byrnes in the 8 am hour. Tune in if you can.
5. I just saw an ad for a new Cadillac that has windshield wipers that can wipe rain off your car at 100 mph. I’m can’t think of a situation in which one would need to go 100 mph. And if there you’re in such a situation, the rain is not your biggest problem.
6. Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy should find a way to stay active in politics. The Shad disagrees with almost all of his political positions but I enjoy straight-shooters who don’t take the whole thing seriously.
7. Some belated “ups” to some of my friends in the Connecticut media. Dennis House’s “Face the State” on WFSB-(Channel 3) is now consistently beating NBC’s national “Meet the Press.” Impressive but not surprising. House gets the most out of his high-profile guests without ever making the viewer feel uncomfortable. He himself should be considered for a national gig. He knows Oprah after all. And Tom Dudchik’s was featured in the Wall Street Journal.   CtCP is an important compilation of other reporters and websites work—a sort of one-stop spot for what’s going on.
8. The Shad got some, let’s say, pointed email last week for suggesting that the elderly should get vision exams at the DMV (the new state budget eliminates the long-delayed testing program). In my defense, I didn’t say all senior drivers can’t see. I do think that is your prom theme was “Fire!” maybe you should get your peepers tested.