Last Friday afternoon, Pastor Will Marotti of WTIC-AM 1080’s “State and Church” program outdid himself. The afternoon show he hosts with former Gov. John Rowland is a bastion of conservative viewpoints buoyed by sycophantic callers who never question anything they say.

At times, the Pathetically Partisan Pair go beyond misleading and simply lie about what Democratic-controlled legislature has done or tied to do. On Friday, in the first hour alone, Marotti alleged:
• The bill that passed dealing with marijuana “legalized” the drug. Of course, that’s not true. It decriminalizes the possession of small amounts of it (the guilty would be fined, not dragged through the judicial system). Possession of marijuana is not legal in Connecticut after this bill is signed.
Marotti also allowed:
• A caller to say, unchallenged, that being a “progressive” means punishing those that do well to help “all the other losers.”
• State Sen. Jason Welch (R-Bristol) to contend that the Democratic-controlled legislature together with a Democratic governor, “means there are no checks and balances as envisioned by the Founding Founders.” Really? Perhaps the good senator needs a history lesson. The concept of Checks and Balances” pertains to the branches of government, not political parties. The people of the state chose the members of the General Assembly and the governor. Is Welch, abetted by Marotti, suggesting we change the state Constitution to mandate minority representation?

Marotti and Rowland have claimed in the past and even now say:
• The “captive audience” bill that failed this year dictated “what employers can say to their employees” and “when they can say it.” Absolutely false. The bill simply said employers could not compel employees to attend meetings at which religious or political issues are discussed. They can call a meeting every day and talk to however they want, anytime they want. They just can’t force employees to attend those particular types of meetings.
• Attorney General George Jepsen told the legislature the “captive audience” bill was unconstitutional. Totally wrong again. Jepsen said the issue was preempted by federal law; not unconstitutional, just preempted.
Marotti then strayed into lie-land when he said no Democrat would come on the show to challenge him or Rowland. I immediately emailed the show’s producer offering to come on with Marotti to set the record straight and to engage in a respectful debate. Marotti declined. Why? Because he can’t defend the things he’s saying against an informed voice.

The Shad has had a radio show, guest-hosted the same time slot on the same station Marotti and Rowland now occupy and frequently appears on TV and radio (including WTIC-AM) as a political analyst. Marroti didn’t have the guts to have me on, plain and simple, because the truth would have been told.

Your thoughts?

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