“Hey Kettle, there’s a ‘Mr. Pot’ on line one?  He’s calling you ‘black.’”

Many times during contentious political debates, one public figure says something outrageous about another. If the name-caller is a stand-up guy (or gal), he does the right thing and apologizes. We have that exact situation now in Connecticut with former Gov. John Rowland calling current Gov. Dannel Malloy a “pathological liar.” Rowland should immediately apologize to Malloy for his over-the-top characterization of Malloy and hope that every commentator, editorial board and reporter in the state doesn’t re-tell Rowland’s own story—one filled with lies from his time in office right up to and including on a near-daily basis, his radio show. For those keeping score at home, the definition of “pathological liar” is: an individual who habitually tells lies so exaggerated or bizarre that they are suggestive of mental disorder.

In a July 6th story in the right-wing American Spectator, Rowland trashes Malloy, but mostly on policy differences, which is fine. He takes issue with Malloy’s claim he is pro-business and mocks Malloy’s failure to get a concessions deal. That’s what political discourse is all about. But to call Malloy a “pathological liar” is way over the top. Especially when Rowland’s downfall started with his straight-faced lie to a gaggle of news media about his hot tub (“We bought it”…[In]Torrington, I think”).

It’s even more distressing that despite spending a year in prison on a corruption charge—“theft of honest services”—Rowland routinely misleads and outright lies on his radio show on which he partners with the compassionless Pastor Will Marotti. In fact, in the early days of the show, Rowland once remarked, “All I took was a hot tub and look what happened to me.” Please.

Rowland was spared a Joe Ganim-like, multi-year prison sentence only because of the expertise of prominent defense attorney Willie Dow who got the felonious former front man the sweet plea deal. We may never know the extent of the corruption. Such as the sale of Rowland’s DC condo at an inflated price to a straw buyer. Stories of brief cases of cash being dropped off in the capitol parking lot, free vacations and trips to Las Vegas courtesy of the largesse of the Tomasso construction empire which scored tens of millions in state contracts. And the alleged special wine cellar section in one of Hartford’s finest restaurants.

And to add insult to injury, Rowland makes speaking appearances in which he invokes faith and humility. What a crock.

Rowland’s truth-challenged radio show has been criticized in The Hanging Shad before. As has his sycophantic callers who would believe the sky is red if Rowland and “Punish ‘em Pastor Will” told them it was.

At the end of the American Spectator piece, Rowland says of his show on WTIC-AM Newstalk 1080 (on which The Shad used to guest host and is a frequent guest on the morning show), “We have 50,000 watts and listeners across the state …I did battle with unions for ten years as governor. Well, this is how I’m doing battle now.” Indeed, and with no more honesty or truthfulness than he had as governor.

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