A death row inmate was being moved to a cell at the Northern Correctional Facility in Somers Monday when he sucker punched a captain . State Rep. Karen Jarmoc wants a legislative hearing to answer some questions. And thereare so many questions in this case, it’s hard to know where to begin. Jarmoc says Judiciary committee chairman Michael Lawlor has agreed to discuss a possible hearing. It’s hard to imagine a reason why a heaering wouldn’t be held.

The captain at Somers requested that the inmate, Daniel Webb, be shackled for the move. He was denied. Jarmoc also said a prison psychologist had told correction officials there was a concern about and “aggressive focus on the captain” exhibited by Webb. Webb is said to be 6-foot-5 and weighs more than 300 pounds.

Hopefully the hearing will get to the facts. The bigger picture shows that Karen Jarmoc is the kind of elected official that anyone would be lucky to have. She got the facts, found them “completely unacceptable”and took action. All the details are not yet in. But from what we know, there were serious problems that day in the transfer of death row prisoner who has nothing to lose.

Many times, The Shad finds it necessary to remind cynics that there are plenty of dedicated, elected officials who are in it for the right reason. Karen Jarmoc is one.


One of the two suspects in the stomach-turning, triple-murder, Cheshire home invasion back in 2007, has told a judge he wants to change his plea to guilty. The public has grown tired of all the legal menuevering in the Steven Hayes case. The Shad is not big on killing things in general. But if there is ever a reason, it’s Hayes. Be done with him one way or another.


Staying with the pleasant incarceration theme, Ronald Taylor and George Gould, two men who were imprisoned for murder walked away free from Superior Court in Rockville—16 years.

According to the Hartford Courant, lawyers for the men presented evidence at a hearing from a key state witness, Doreen Stiles, who testified at the original trial that she saw the two men walk into the store around the time of Vega’s killing. She subsequently changed her story and said police had coerced her into implicating the men. The New Haven detectives who investigated the crime have since retired. O’Hare said prosecutors believe Stiles told the truth the first time.

What now? A couple years ago, the state set a precedent when the legislature voted to award millions of dollars to James Tillman who was also wrongly incarcerated, freed by DNA evidence. There have been other similar cases since Tillman as the one today. The state budget deficit might become a few million dollars bigger if the same path is followed. And it should be.


Because of a technical problem, part of the following item was cut off in yesterday’s Shad:

It seems to be part American Idol, part America’s Next Top Model and part search for an articulate spokesperson. It’s a contest being run by TV station MyTV9 (owned by New Haven-based WTNH-TV called MyTV9Star. The station is looking for a Connecticut native to represent the station and “be the face” of MyTV9.

Going after the job is Milford’s Heidi Voight. She is as close as there is to a household name in Connecticut when it comes to being a spokesman-type personality having scored the title of Miss Connecticut back in 2006. Having briefly worked with Heidi on a political campaign, The Shad quickly got past the cynical, stereotypical idea of a “beauty queen” (yes, The Shad is prone to that type of thinking) and thinks the MyTV9 competition is hers to win—or should be.

There are various parts of the competition including having a social networking fan page on Facebook. Heidi Voight Fan Page: The Face of MyTV9! , interviews and a spot on the show Connecticut Style. On the Mytv9star webage, there is a place to see the interviews of the nine finalists as well as a place to vote for your favorite .
The duties of the eventual winner are largely undefined but Voight hopes it will lead to an on-air position. “I really hope this can be a stepping stone because I am very interested in on-air work,” Voight told The Shad last week. And she wouldn’t be just another pretty talking head. Her interest and knowledge of issues like veterans’ affairs is widely known. If there is any ceremony or event involving veterans or the armed forces, Voight is there (including events last night marking Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day). She also worked on the staff of the House Democrats in the state legislature and is a marathoner who will take on the streets of Boston next month.