With a nod once again to Boston Globe sports writer Nick Cafardo, here is a sports edition of The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing.’

1. The Shad caught some of the women’s World Cup soccer match up between the US and Brazil. Actually, a incredibly compelling game with the US overcoming the referees’ efforts to job them to win.

I noticed that the women spend a lot less time writhing on the ground after every little bit of contact unlike the men who act they just got shot by a sniper in the upper reaches of the stadium if someone touches them. Also, why do most of the Brazilian players go by one name? Marta, Christiane, Erika, et al. The only soccer player allowed to go by one name is Pele. And by the way, Marta, supposedly the best player in the world, is a crybaby. My favorite player is Hope Solo—she has the name and the looks of a superhero.

2. Congratulations to Derek Jeter on his 3,000th hit. Ok, I’ll say it. On hit number 2,999, neither Tampa Bay shortstop Reid Brignac nor third baseman Evan Longoria made much effort to go after the ball in the hole. They could have laid out. And on the home run (hit 3,000), my 14-year old nephew could have hit that hanging curve ball out. I’m not claiming conspiracy but it reminded me of the ball grooved to Cal Ripken, Jr. in the 2001 All Star game. It was clearly served up.

3. Reading the Boston Sunday Globe sports section can take most of the day.

4. Former UConn star Maya Moore lit up the Connecticut Sun for 26 points Saturday. She’s still amazing. (Although The Shad’s favorite is still Diana Taurasi.)

5. Red Sox’ David Ortiz almost separated Baltimore pitcher Kevin Gregg’s head from the rest of his body Friday night. Bottom line on this: Ortiz shouldn’t be staring down a pitcher because he comes inside, especially when Ortiz has been hammering pitches over the plate. Gregg is a punk who has no business yelling at Big Papi to run out a pop-up. And finally, Josh Beckett is a bad ass.