This little feature has become increasing fun to write because there are so many things that pop into The Shad’s head, I can’t control it. So here’s the latest edition of The Hanging Shad’s “Apropos of Nothing.”

1. This week, a good portion of Mass, Ave. in Cambridge (where the new home office is located) near Porter Square was shut down because someone found a grenade nearby. A spokesman for the Cambridge police department said it was not a threat to public safety and everyone should remain calm. Sorry officers, when you find a grenade anywhere near me, “calm” is not in vocabulary. And oh, when those things go off, people don’t end up with a blackened face and return to normal in the next scene like Wile E. Coyote.

2. The Independent Media Network’s Doug Hardy caught this screen shot from Fox Sports.

3. Former US Rep. Chris Shays looking at a run for US Senate in 2012? No mas, Mr. Shays. No mas, please. The same goes for former US Rep. Rob Simmons who couldn’t decide whether he was in or out of the 2010 US Senate race.

4. There is a huge difference between the subway in New York City and the “T” in Boston. The other morning on the “T,” the conductor came on the speaker and announced that we were going to be delayed because the train in front of us had a “door problem.” He then proceeded to berate passengers who block closing doors and knock the door off their tracks. I totally agreed with him. In New York (where The Shad worked for years), they simply play a sing-songy recording that says, “Stand clear of the closing doors, please.” And then you’re on your own and block the doors at your own peril with other riders.

5. Interesting to see that Connecticut union official (and nice guy) Leo Canty got a nasty, even threatening message from Phil Sherwood, the campaign manager for Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra. It seems that the Hartford Labor Council came just a few votes shy on endorsing Segarra rival Ed Vargas. According to Canty, “I was accused of fronting the effort to work against Segarra and threatened with various dire consequences regarding appointments and union issues when ‘Pedro was elected.’”

These tactics by Sherwood may surprise some but not The Shad. I had a bad experience with Sherwood when I was communications and media director for the state Senate Democrats and Sherwood was working for Connecticut Citizens Action Group (CCAG). We were working to pass the landmark campaign finance reform bill. Of course there was a lot of back and forth, up and down, and the usual legislative process nonsense going on.

Sherwood went to the press in the middle of the process and proceeded to trash the Senate Dems and their leadership. He was clueless. Senate President Don Williams and Sen. Don DeFronzo were the driving forces behind the bill and CCAG’s best friend. I let loose with a tirade to CCAG’s very effective and a guy-who-gets-it, chief-at-the-time (and good guy) Any Sauer. After the bill passed and the session ended, I found Sherwood enjoying a beer in the senate president’s office where we were having a post-session reception.

The Shad is a big supporter of Mayor Segarra but as far as my view of Mr. Sherwood, the word “punk” comes to mind.