Republican candidate for US Senate Rob Simmons should save his money, not run TV ads and just watch as rival Linda McMahon continues to implode. She simply cannot get away with continued revelations about her connection to steroids and the WWE (formerly the WWF) in addition to lying on a questionnaire she filled out for the governor’s office before being appointed to the state board of education.

The latest blow to her credibility is significant and comes from a report online last night from The Day of New London.
Reporter Ted Mann wrote, “In December 1989, as federal investigators were zeroing in on a Pennsylvania doctor who would soon be convicted of selling steroids to professional wrestlers, Linda McMahon sent a confidential memo to a fellow executive at Titan Sports, the family company that operated what was then known as the World Wrestling Federation.
The WWF, she wrote, should alert Dr. George T. Zahorian III that a criminal investigation could be heading his way, according to court documents reviewed by The Day.
“'[McMahon and husband Vince]…would like for you to call Zahorian and to tell him not to come to any more of our events and to also clue him in on any action that the Justice Department is thinking of taking,’” Mann reports.
Mann interviewed McMahon and asked about the alleged tip-off of the doctor. “’I don’t pretend to remember to go back, to revisit all the aspects of that case,’ McMahon said. When asked if her decision to notify Zahorian had led him to destroy records that might have more thoroughly documented his sale of steroids to WWF wrestlers — as prosecutors in 1994 alleged — McMahon’s reply was curt.
‘I can’t speak to any of that,’ she said. ‘I have no idea.’”
Mann’s full story is here: