It’s always good to know that one’s sources remain intact and trustworthy. The state employee labor unions’ leadership proved that for The Shad yesterday by changing the bargaining coalition’s (SEBAC) bylaws to be get a do-over, another shot at ratifying a relatively mild concessions deal. Approving the still-to-be “clarified” agreement, would avert the majority of the devastating cuts rolled out by Gov. Dannel Malloy last week. In TV and radio appearances early yesterday, The Shad previewed exactly what would happen.  You can see the new bylaws here.

Time is an important factor from here forward. The longer the deal goes ungratified, the harder it will be to make up the necessary savings and harder to avert all of the layoffs and cuts.

Some in the media however, are bound and determined to not see Malloy and labor ultimately come out winners in this drawn out battle. The Dishonest Duo of former Gov. John Rowland and (compassionless) Pastor Will Marotti, the afternoon hosts of Church and State on WTIC-AM radio, pounded on the idea that a new agreement might not pass because the rank and file would be upset about leadership changing the bylaws. They then took calls from sycophantic, alleged union members who said they would vote “no” on any new deal. Please. The first deal got a 57% approval vote and that was with the misinformation campaigns rolled out by those with an agenda like Rowland and Marotti. Despite their efforts, a new deal will pass.