1. Former state Rep. Jonathan Pelto’s blog is becoming harder and harder to read without the reader concluding, “Are you kidding?” or at the very least, “So what?” In one story this week, he excoriates Gov. Malloy (natch), this time about Malloy’s choice for the state Board of Regents for Higher Education. Saying Malloy is “continuing the corporatization” of higher education, Pelto notes that new board nominee Gary Holloway’s “12,000 square foot house in New Canaan is assessed at $4.6 million. His annual property tax bill ($62,194.86) is far greater than the salary of the average unionized state employee.” Just out of curiosity, exactly what is the square footage of one’s home that must be exceeded before the owner is disqualified from serving on the board? Pelto gives ammunition to Republicans’ usually hollow claim that Democrats engage in class warfare.

Pelto officially went over to the “make my point even if I have to mislead” column when he was a guest on “The Dishonest Duo” radio show on WTIC-AM this week. Former Governor John Rowland called him “a fair man” with “a brilliant mind.”

2. “Sen. Roraback to Disabled Kids—No Fun For You!” Just kidding. Of course Andrew Roraback would never think or say that, but he risked being accused of it when opposed the state borrowing $400,000 for a playground for kids with disabilities in Hamden.

Roraback is one of the more decent, intelligent and reasonable lawmakers in the General Assembly. That is why it is interesting to see him taking a look at a run for the state’s 5th District Congressional seat. Of that he said, “”Your voter in Cornwall is a lot different than your voter in Meriden.” True that, senator. But there are also 60,000 people in Meriden and 1,500 in Cornwall.

3. Hartford Courant Columnist Kevin Rennie recently opined about former state Senate Democratic caucus staffer David Papandrea raising money for the Democratic Governors Association. Rennie was cynical about Papandrea’s role, calling him an “enforcer.” Don’t you think we’re really hard up for something to complain about when we have to go after someone doing something perfectly legal and doing it for free?

As far as Papandrea is concerned, The Shad worked with him at the Senate Dems, considers him a friend (although we’ve sort of lost touch recently) and knows that he is really, really good at anything he does. And for that he gets smacked around? Please.

4. Recently, a South Carolina couple is claiming that a receipt obtained from a local Walmart store depicts an image of Jesus. Gentry Lee Sutherland and her fiancé, Jacob Simmons, say they picked up some pictures at the store and left the receipt on their kitchen table. They couple said they returned to see an image that appeared to be Jesus’ face colored on the receipt.

“We just feel like it’s a blessing that God showed it to us and opened our eyes. And we just feel like we should share the blessing God gave to us to everybody else,” Sutherland said.
Come to think of it, The Shad once saw the face of John the Baptist in a bowl of Dinty Moore beef stew. But I was really, really, hungry—so I ate it.