This is the “last chance” week for state employee labor unions as they vote under new rules on a concessions deal with the administration of Gov. Dannel Malloy. A top legislative source with solid connections to labor tells The Hanging Shad the deal will be ratified.

Of course, it’s much easier to ratify the deal this time around. Labor leaders changed their bylaws to require a simple majority of the union member to vote yes. The Shad’s source said that one indication that the deal will be approved is that one union that voted “yes” by a small margin the last time around, is voting overwhelmingly to approve it this time.

Another reason labor may be ready to take the deal is that when the first version was rejected, Gov. Malloy made good on his pledge to send out thousands of layoff notices to state employees and outlined plans for draconian cuts to state services including the closing of DMV office, cutting social services and shuttering courthouses. In other words, everyone got a real look of at the so-called “Plan B.”

The rank and file voting will be concluded today and tomorrow and the results are expected sometime Thursday.

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