He is polling at more than 80% but there are some Republicans in the state so he isn’t at 100%. He hasn’t had a tough race since he became attorney general so there’s been no need for cutthroat campaigning. And the Democrat challenging him for the nomination for US Senate didn’t going running off the debate stage because he was sooo intimidated. Therefore it was only a matter of time before there was an article in the mainstream press claiming Dick Blumenthal is off to a bumpy start.

The New York Times this week ran a piece by David Halbfinger that said in part, “Mr. Blumenthal flopped in his first televised debate against an obscure primary opponent, and he is ruling out any possibility of a rematch.
He appears almost incapable of offering concise answers to even the most predictable questions, like why he is running for the Senate.
And his reliance on prosecutorial parlance and legal arcana has raised unflattering comparisons to another attorney general in a Senate race who seemed a sure winner only to lose in spectacular fashion. Some Democrats are calling him ‘Martha Coakley in pants,’ referring to the candidate who lost the Massachusetts Senate election in January.”

The article went on to question whether Blumenthal could handle a general election match-up against Linda McMahon, “But the Democrats admit to some nervousness, in part because of the Republican he is most likely to confront next fall: the professional-wrestling impresario Linda McMahon. She promises a campaign much like her brand of entertainment, with blunt, in-your-face, emotional appeals and attacks. And Ms. McMahon has vowed to spend as much as $50 million, about five times what Mr. Blumenthal can muster.”

The Shad can’t think of one Democrat who is “nervous” about about a Blumenthal – McMahon race. Blumenthal puts her in a sleeper hold until she’s out.

The big loser in all of this? Rob Simmons. The Times didn’t even so much as mention him, saying McMahon would “most likely be” the nominee.

The full Times story is here:


Speaking of McMahon, she ponied up another $8 million last quarter in her bid to succeed retiring US Senator Chris Dodd, bringing her total personal investment to about $14.5 million.

McMahon is mostly self-funding her campaign. She has $4.3 million in cash on hand.

McMahon lent her campaign $8 million during the last quarter. Her main rival for the Republican nomination, Rob Simmons reported Thursday that he raised $550,0000 during the same period and had $1.4 million in cash.


All that was needed was Jack Nicholson yelling, “You can’t handle the truth!” Apparently the courtroom scene here in Connecticut wasn’t far off as Susan Bysiewicz continued to undergo questioning from the lawyer for the state Republican party in her efforts to be declared qualified to run and serve as state attorney general.

Wesley W. Horton, Bysiewicz’s attorney complained that the GOP’s lawyer, Eliot Gersten, was asking repetitive questions about what Bysiewicz had already admitted: that she has never tried a case or represented a client in court.

“It’s outrageous,” Horton said loudly. Horton said Gersten had already established “six ways to Sunday” that Bysiewicz agrees she has “represented no clients” in court. State statute says the attorney general must have 10 years of “active practice.” Bysiewicz contends her years as secretary of state should count.