Longtime Democratic political activist and media relation specialist Jonathan Pelto and I will appear together tomorrow on the WNPR radio show “Where We Live” hosted by the great John Dankosky ( 9 to 10 am). It’s been billed as us going “toe-to-toe” or “squaring off.” I think those who expect some sort of verbal pugilism might be disappointed.

Mr. Pelto and I have had some back and forth on our respective blogs—his is called “Wait, What?”—after I penned an opinion piece in the Hartford Courant about how over the top I thought critics of Gov. Malloy have been given their other choice was Republican Tom Foley. Friends of mine have told me one of my entries was particularly snarky and a bit sarcastic. (What can I say? I complimented them on their perceptiveness.)

The bottom line is that we are both Democrats and will remain so after the show. I’m not quite what to expect tomorrow but it should be interesting.