Here is yet another edition of random thoughts and observations that you may or may not enjoy. As always, I invite readers to submit their own.

1. On the way to work one day this week, I notice a huge crowd mulling around the federal building and the TD Bank Garden in Boston. I later learned and saw pictures of one of the most inspiring scenes. More than 3,400 people became American citizens. That’s how it’s done.

2. Hockey is still a couple of months away but the Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins are still celebrating. Each player on the team gets the actual cup for a day to bring to their hometown, take it to a party or whatever they want. The Bruins are known as a hard-scrabble, in-your-face bunch who don’t back down. It also means they might be a clumsy. When forward Michael Ryder took the Cup to Bonavista, Newfoundland, the trophy, not unlike the Bruins’ opponents, took a tumble.

3. Riding the “T” to work makes me wonder, when did become OK for people to yawn like they haven’t slept in a month and not cover their mouths? I really have no interest in your dental work.

4. The Connecticut 2012 US Senate race is gearing up with those seeking the Democratic nomination participating in a forum this week. Here’s The Shad’s early handicapping (keeping in mind it’s a lifetime between now and the primary): The race is US Rep. Chris Murphy’s to lose. He’s smart, very well-spoken and a great campaigner (just ask Nancy John). He’s clearly the favorite. Full disclosure: I worked with Murphy when he was a state senator and I was on the caucus senior staff.

5. Former Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz in tenacious. Any lesser politician would have run and hid after the debacle that was the Bridgeport balloting/gubernatorial race certifying. That was followed by the political data base that was developed and maintained by supposedly nonpolitical SOS office. And that was followed by the questionable expenditures for “than you” parties she threw after being booted from the ballot for attorney general. The bottom line? Despite impressive support from Emily’s List and some town committee members, she has too much baggage.

State Rep. William Tong has a nice personal story and enjoys financial support from across the country. However, he lacks a strong organization in Connecticut. He made a huge mistake hiring Washington, DC operative to run his campaign. It’s the people in Connecticut who will choose the next US Senator.

6. United Illuminating President Jim Torgerson is among the utility executives popping Tums like they’re M&Ms this week. Complaints are starting to mount about the utilities’ response to Tropical Storm Irene. Torgerson took to making YouTube videos to update people. Unfortunately, in one video, he called the storm “Eileen” (which offends me as an Irishman). For understandable reason, the video has since been taken down.

Obviously it was a simply case of misspeaking. But it hurts his credibility. How are we supposed to trust this guy to get the lights back on when he appears to not know the name of the storm that knocked them out?

7. And finally, I think my friends in my favorite band, Entrain, have officially lost their minds.  These incredibly talented and Berklee-trained musicians have come up with this about the Red Sox.