Tonight’s debate featuring the candidates for the 2012 Republican nomination for president is being billed as the first showdown between former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Texas Governor Rick Perry. Oh, there are others there mostly for entertainment purposes as far as The Shad is concerned. Congresswoman Michele Bachman is likely to say she is pleased to be at “The Nixon President Library” (it’s at the Reagan Library) and Sarah Palin might hold a news conference outside to grab all the attention with actually getting into the ring.

But the real action should be between the two men from central casting—Romney from “The Manchurian Candidate” and Perry from “Tombstone.” It’s already getting old. However, I’ll be watching because I want to see Romney defend the Massachusetts universal health care program that was his legacy in the Bay State. I’d also like to see Perry walk back his talk of succession from the Union, his glowing letter to Hilary Clinton when the then-first lady proposed “Hillary-care” back in Clinton administration and maybe even his penchant for packing heat when he jogs.

The interesting thing is that the Romney-Perry adversity goes back to when Romney was righting the ship that was the Winter Olympics and Perry tried to get the Boy Scouts in as volunteers. Romney ruled them out, ostensibly because volunteers had to be eighteen. Perry hinted in his book, “On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts are Worth Fighting For,” that the Scouts where kept out because of their policy of not allowing gay men as scoutmasters. The whole story appeared in the Boston Globe.

What this debate needs is a candidate like this.

Perry may actually have to bow out of the event because of the wildfires in Texas. Maybe he can send our own US Rep. Rosa Delauro. She’s one natural disaster shy on her resume.