As more information trickles out about the mysterious Sept. 1st traffic stop of state Treasurer Denise Nappier, the public can’t be blamed for wanting clarity on just what happened.

Hartford Courant Columnist Colin McEnroe wrote that Nappier might be “kind of a nut.” In any event, nothing seems to make sense in this situation.
1. Why was she stopped in the first place? Don’t the police have to have some sort of probable cause to stop motorists? Nothing is mentioned in the police report except that she was driving a new, fancy car.
2. How could the Department of Motor Vehicles not have entered the proper information which would have cleared things up.
3. A police union official says Nappier was offered a ride home. Nappier says that never happened and the police report makes no mention of such an offer.
4. If Napper just dropped off a friend and was still in the parking lot, why wouldn’t she just go back to her friend’s place and ask to use the phone to call someone to pick her up?
5. Why in the world would the treasurer walk nearly three miles, alone, through some dangerous neighborhoods? It makes no sense.

6. It seems that the officer who filed the report has an attitude problem. How could three police officers not know they had just stopped the state treasurer? One can assume they checked her license. This is not to say she should get special treatment but maybe know who they were interacting with may have changed their approach to the whole situation.
7. The police report alleged that Nappier unleashed a string of expletives and profanities, claiming she was being harassed because she’s black and in dangerous neighborhood (in a shiny, expensive, new car).
8. Chief Darryl Roberts says there is an internal investigation going on. Let’s hope he’s forthright and transparent. The public has a right to know just what happed.