The Connecticut General Assembly will come into special session on Wednesday, Oct. 26th to focus on the creation and retention of jobs. Several lawmakers tell The Hanging Shad there is already agreement between Democratic legislative leaders and the Malloy administration to make helping small business the main priority.

The “jobs special session” comes on the heels of a report from the publication Connecticut Quarterly released this week, that Connecticut is third from the worst in the nation in small business growth.

State Senate Majority Marty Looney says Democratic legislative leaders and the Malloy administration have been meeting to come a consensus on what will be on the agenda for the special session so there aren’t long, drawn out debates in the House or Senate. “There is certainly consensus that small business incentives will be an important piece of the special session,” Looney said. “We particularly need to look at why small businesses, under current law, can’t take advantages of the small tax credits and tax breaks that corporations can.”

Gov. Malloy has been traveling around the state on a “jobs tour” over the past month. Meanwhile, the Connecticut Quarterly’s Steve Lanza tells CTNewsJunkie, “We’re third worst after West Virginia and Ohio…Small businesses actually contracted by about 3 percent over that 10 year period while they grew everywhere else.”