Wrestling magnate Linda McMahon clarifies the worst kept secret in Connecticut politics today. She will again be a candidate for the Republican nomination for US Senate. McMahon makes it official today at Coil Pro Machinery in Southington. Jobs will likely be a theme for her. She built a company into an empire, albeit one fueled by steroids and sex.

The view here is that the nomination is hers barring any major gaffes—like her off-the-cuff comment in 2010 about the minimum wage. McMahon is personable, sincere and friendly in person but she remains saddled with the baggage of professional wrestling which at one point in the 90’s rivaled soft core porn.

She should have little trouble fending off former US Rep. Chris Shays. Shays mercurial, holier-than-thou approach to politics won’t sell statewide. Packing up and moving to Maryland after being dumped by Jim Himes won’t help either. As far as facing off against McMahon in this race, Shays is a less-goofy Rob Simmons. Simmons took his ball and went home after losing the party convention endorsement to McMahon last time and then trying to get back in the game at the last minute.

One wonders whether McMahon will again be accused of trying to buy the seat now held by the retiring Joe Lieberman. She spent more than $50 million last time. There no evidence she won’t spend a fortune this time.

Looking ahead to the general election, McMahon will have a tough time with any of the Democrats running in this bluer than blue state. If the Democratic nomination goes to US Rep. Chris Murphy (which is likely), there may not be enough money in the entire state for her to win.