Here is yet another installment of The Hanging Shad’s “Apropos of Nothing”—a collection of random thoughts that readers may enjoy; I know I enjoy writing them. And once again, I need to point out that I hijacked the name and concept from the wonderful Boston Globe sports writer Nick Cafardo.

1. The Shad seems to have struck a nerve with yesterday’s editorial. Hey, I was just sayin’…
2. Memo to Hank Williams, Jr. who compared President Obama to Hitler: You proved yourself to be a real backward-a**, country hick (“hick” because this is a family-friendly website). Next time, stick to having “all your rowdy friends [are] here for Monday Night.” Jackass.
3. One of The Shad’s pet peeves is Americans who use purposely use salutations or phrases commonly used in other countries. I don’t think you’re cool because write, “Cheers” at the end of your email. You’re not British no matter what you say. And just because you say, “No worries!” doesn’t make you Crocodile Dundee. Do I sound like I want to replace Andy Rooney?
4. Mitt Romney, who The Shad believes will be the Republican presidential nominee, really elicited a belly laugh when he referenced himself as being in the middle class. In a town hall meeting in Miami, Romney said he wanted a tax policy that helped those hurt by the economy, “It’s not those in the low end; it’s certainly not those in the very high end. It’s for the great middle class – the 80 to 90 percent of us in this country” [Shad emphasis added]. A look at Romney’s financial disclosure form makes one wonder whether he was joking.

5. BTW, if Romney—or whoever the nominee is—picks Eric Cantor as his or her running mate, an Obama second term is assured.
6. All I can about this is, “eww.”
7. And finally, I ask you, do you see a real difference between the picture in this story…and…this one?  I don’t. Have a good weekend everyone!