It’s well known to anyone who has worked on political campaigns that when one side is losing badly, it resorts to desperate, sometimes pathetic, tactics. Even with this in mind, Middletown Mayor Sebastian Giuliano has set a new low in desperation.

Giuliano’s thinks it will help him to criticize Democratic challenger Dan Drew for an interview he did on the “O’Reilly Factor”—ten years ago! When he was in college! In the interview, Drew defends a UConn campus television show as protected by the First Amendment. First, Drew was right ten years ago in The Shad’s view, but that hardly matters. Digging up an interview done while someone was in college and trying to use it as an example of not being a “serious person” is nothing short of pathetic.

Perhaps the good people of the fine city of Middletown should question whether Giuliano is a serious person. His choice for police chief, Patrick McMahon—Giuliano’s guy; the guy he went so far to keep as “acting chief” when the city council wouldn’t approve him—has been demoted. It seems McMahon was banging back Jack and Coke while wearing his badge and still strapped (“armed” for those not familiar).

Voters in Middletown were going to be asked, via ballot referendum, whether McMahon should be appointed as permanent police chief. Giuliano says the ballot question will now be pulled. McMahon is threatening legal action saying the people should decide and the ballot question should stand. The two former allies are now at each other’s throats. Is it any wonder that Drew is beating Giuliano in fundraising and the people of Middletown are flocking to him? The Shad, who is not a resident of Middletown, thinks the mayor’s time would be better spent cleaning up the mess he made with McMahon instead of digging up a 10-year old interview by a college kid. It’s just feeble. It should be perfectly clear now that Giuliano’s time is over. He should go. Drew should be given a chance, with new ideas and the energy of youth.

And if you haven’t had enough, there’s the “strange bedfellows” that are Giuliano’s union endorsers and his campaign manager. AFSME-Council 4 has endorsed the mayor. Giuliano’s campaign manager, Chris Healy, is a former state Republican Party chairman who never met a union he didn’t detest. Which is it, Mr. Mayor?

“Strange days indeed…most peculiar, Momma.”—John Lennon.