The material has been building so here we go:

1. Has any else noticed that when you get a company’s voicemail maze, it always tells you “…as our options have changed?” Did every business and organization have crappy options before?

2. Now that the founder of Apple, Inc. has been laid to rest, we can now be sure that, “This economy kills Jobs.” –from my friend, comedian John Alston.

3. The Republican candidate for the state’s 5th District congressional seat Lisa Wilson-Foley received a $7,500 campaign contribution…from her 18-year old daughter! A campaign spokesman says it’s not unsual. “She [Briana Foley] is a supporter. She thinks her mom would be a good congresswoman.”  No big deal. I remember doling out thousands of dollars in campaign contributions when I was 18, don’t you?

Briana Foley is not the only child of a candidate who saw fit to donate thousands to his or her mom or dad. According to the Hartford Courant, Democrat Elizabeth Esty received a $2,500 donation from her oldest daughter, Sarah, a recent college grad. Her son, Thomas, 19, gave $2,500 in the second quarter.
The three children of Democratic US Senate candidate Susan Bysiewicz, including her son Tristan Donaldson, who is still in high school—each kicked in $2,500 to their mom’s campaign earlier this year. And Claire Blumenthal wrote a $10,000 check to her father’s Senate campaign last year, the Courant reports.

4. Former Gov. John Rowland is known to deride the Earned income Tax Credit (EITC) on his radio show as “Giving money to people who don’t pay taxes.” Of course that’s not true (no surprise). The people who get an EITC largely don’t pay income taxes but pay every other tax in the world—gas tax, utility tax and sales taxes. He also fails to mention that the federal EITC was championed by…wait for it…Ronald Reagan.

5. UConn women’s basketball coach Geno Ariemma lit up the University of Notre Dame this week, blaming the Fighting Irish for the woes of the Big East Conference because ND’s football team won’t join. Might this have anything to do with the Irish spoiling Ariemma’s chance at a “three-peat” last year? Or the fact that Notre Dame was picked to win the conference this year instead of Ariemma’s Huskies? Just askin’.