As many as eight Democratic state senators, unsure of the proposed deal between the state and Jackson Labs, yesterday were pitched again on the deal with both company officials and Malloy administration hoping to shore-up support in the caucus they desperately need to win passage.

The conventional wisdom is that the plan—under which the state would invest $291 million—would pass along party lines in both the state senate and house. Not so fast. As has been the case in the past, a handful of Senate Dems are wavering or at the very least, want more information; hence yesterday’s briefing.

State Senator Paul Doyle (D-Wethersfield), usually more fiscally cautious than many of his colleagues, was in the room for yesterday’s meeting. He told The Hanging Shad he is leaning toward supporting the measure but has not made a final decision. “There is risk on the part of the state for sure. But at least in this case, there is potential for substantial job growth,” Doyle said.

State Sen. Ed Meyer (D-Guilford), who comes from a more conservative district than his fellow Senate Dems also participated in the briefing. He is said to be unsure about the deal as well. However, from The Shad’s experience working in the caucus, when he wavers and is not outright opposed, he ultimately supports the measure.
Supporters of the Jackson Labs deal are counting on a unified Democratic caucus in the state senate. They better make sure they do their head counts accurately. Senate Republicans, for their part, are expected to offer a number of amendments and draw out the debate.