It’s been a busy week here on The Shad so let’s get right to it:

1. What’s worse than state Rep. Tim Larson’s goofy (or at the very least ill-timed) suggestion that the legislature pass a proclamation changing the date of Halloween to be sure it’s on a Saturday? State Sen. Rob Kane appearing on FOX News Channel to argue against it. It makes one wonder if there was any chance to get some national facetime that the obviously camera-starved Kane would turn down?

2. Interesting that when it came right down to it, the reason Republican leaders opposed the Jackson Labs economic development deal with the state was because of their bruised egos. House Minority Leader Larry Cafero. explained , the difference between his caucus’ support for the jobs bill but not for the Jackson deal. “Republican leaders said the difference in the attitude toward the two proposals reflects the process by which they were developed: From day one, the jobs bill was negotiated by the governor and all four legislative caucuses. ‘We were at the table,’ said House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr., R-Norwalk.” Good reason.

3. Republican US Senate candidate Linda McMahon has claimed she will raise money this time around instead spending her own ($50 million in her losing effort in 2010). Turns out, the cash she has spent so far is her own, according to the great website Further McMahon has reached into the past to pay two advisors—Ben Davol and Tom Scott. What, Dave Boomer wasn’t available?

4. Former state Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy is staying active in politics. He’s running Middletown Mayor Seb Giuliano’s reelection campaign. The stale and tired Giuliano has the little matter of his hand-picked Police Chief Patrick McMahon getting the boot for cannonballing Jack and Cokes. And Healy is supporting GOP Presidential candidate Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas. Guess Healy is ok with Perry’s support of in-state college tuition rates for students here illegally; his labeling Social Security “a Ponzi scheme”; his support of Al Gore in 1988; and his glowing letter to Hillary Clinton when she unveiled “Hillary-care.” Just askin’.

5. Compassionless Pastor Will Marotti, the “church” on WTIC-AM Radio’s afternoon show “State and Church” showed his true colors the other day. As Marotti and his partner, John Rowland, were busy ridiculing those who support allowing diapers to be purchased with already-allocated Child Development Block Grant money, Marotti finally blurted out, “GET A JOB!” Ah, now there’s a guy I’ll go to hear on Sundays!

6. State Sen. Len Suzio was the most vocal critic of the Jackson Labs deal. Forget for a moment that Suzio has been in the senate just long enough for a cup of coffee (seven months, actually), he touted some sort of bioscience background and therefore asserted special standing to speak on the issue. His over-the-top rhetoric aside, there’s no mention of a bioscience background on his bio page on the Senate Republicans website. He is, however, an expert in banking. As I’ve written before, Occupy Suzio!

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