The “Occupy Hartford” site at the corner of Asylum and Broad Streets was noticeably thinner when The Shad drove by Monday morning at about 6:40 AM. Perhaps they don’t start their activities until later in the morning but the place looked pretty dead to me.

As I have written before, the Occupiers theoretical goal—to speak out against corporate greed and draw attention to the fact that the deck is stacked against those striving for economic security—has the sympathy and support of The Shad. However, when any particular group starts breaking things, looting or throwing things at police (and that’s NOT happened in Hartford)—it’s lost me. And apparently, it’s losing the rest of America.

A new UMass-Lowell/Boston Herald poll shows 35 percent of Americans still support the Occupy movement but 40 percent have a unfavorable opinion of it. Earlier polls show the Occupiers getting more than 50 percent support. Of course, people in Connecticut might be no longer impressed by people willing to sleep in the cold without electricity.

If it’s any consolation for those who like to compare the two groups, the Tea Party movement has even less support. Fifty percent have an unfavorable view of the TPers while only 29 percent see them favorably.

One conclusion that can be drawn from these numbers is that politicians were able to hitch a ride on the Tea Party for at least one election cycle because Tea Party people vote. Democrats who have shown signs of trying to parley the Occupiers into political support may be out of luck.