For the first time, a new poll has former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich leading the pack for the Republican presidential nomination. The Quinnipiac poll has Gingrich with 26 percent to 22 percent for Romney. He celebrated by proposing that poor kids become janitors at their schools.

While people were watching the excruciating YouTube video of Herman Cain trying to remember where the nation he wants to lead stood on the Libya, Gingrich got caught with his hand in the Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac mortgage cookie jar. Which is actually pretty funny because Gingrich has been kicking the crap out of the government-backed mortgage behemoths for years. Turns out, Gingrich was paid $1.6 million from the organizations for “consulting.”

Gingrich claims he was not a “consultant” for Fannie and Freddy but rather was an “historian.” Yes, I’m sure they were wondering how the Moores conquered the Iberian Peninsula as they worked up below prime mortgages. I really believe no one challenges Gingrich on his nonsense because he’s so nasty, plain and simple. (Which is also why he’ll never be elected.)

Up next? My money’s on Ron Paul.