There is no breakout candidate from Tuesday’s Republican Presidential Primary debate held in Constitution Hall in the nation’s capitol, hosted by CNN. However, there were some important takeaways. First and foremost, a TV scan of the candidates (save one) and of the huge audience showed a serious lack of people of color. It was a bit startling. The Shad hasn’t seen that many white faces since the Norway v. Sweden hockey game in the Olympics. The only black thing in that match was the puck, and they were slappin’ that around. Sad, really.

Here are The Shad’s debate takeaways:
• Newt Gingrich likely capitalized on his front runner status. At the very least, he seemed professorial but also showed a human side when talking about immigration. He talked about not separating families who have been here for generations and have been productive members of society. Medical officials later made a stunning discovery—Gingrich has a heart. But he’s still too damn mean and condescending to be elected.

• Herman Cain seems to have lost his confidence. He made a small gaffe when he called moderator Wolf Blitzer, “Blitz.” Blitzer would be smart to make that his nickname—“Blitz.” It’s cool.

• Michelle Bachman actually came off OK. She’s only got one way to go—up.

• Ron Paul is two little antennae away from being “My Favorite Martian.”

• John Huntsman may very well be the next flavor of the day. Foreign policy is a strength him having long-served as a diplomat.

• Mitt Romney pointed out that the United States has an approval rating of 19 percent in Pakistan. Yeah, well Congress’ numbers here are about half that.

• The event featured some interesting questioners from the lily white audience including neoconservative Paul “let’s invade” Wolfowitz, former Attorney General Ed Meese and various big shots from the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. Some brandy and cigars were all that were missing.

• Rick Perry lost me when he walked on the set and gave Blitzer “air gun shot.” You know, making your forefinger like a gun and shooting. He then blew a kiss to the crowd. Very charming, cowboy.