With a nod once again to the fine Boston Globe sportswriter Nick Cafardo, here’s is the latest edition of The Hanging Shad’s “Apropos of Nothing”—a collection of random thoughts and observations that are fun to write and I hope, fun to read. Contributions from readers are always welcome. Here we go:

1. Watching the traditional “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factor” back-to-back with the creepy John Depp version reminded me that often, the original is the best. Such is the case here. Gene Wilder was the perfect Willy. However, in the Wilder version, Charlie bought a Wonka bar with money that supposed to be used for Grandpa Joe’s “tobacco.” Think that would fly today?

2. In the Macy’s Day Parade, the kid from American Idol let about four words fall before he started lip-syncing. Some entertainment websites called it a “disaster.” Sorry peeps. A disaster is the tornado that hopped over my brother’s home in Wilbraham or the snow storm that knocked out power in the state for more than a week. A missed lip-sync? Please.

3. I so much enjoy when motorists brake in the middle of the highway with no other drivers around them. Don’t you?

4. So the NBA is back. Gee, I didn’t even realize it was gone. It can’t compare to the NHL for excitement and physicality.

5. Warm weather at the end of November always leads to weather folks editorializing the highs and lows (as do the anchors). Just because it’s in the 60’s this time of year, doesn’t make it “great weather” for everyone. This time of year is supposed to be crisp, coldish with a hint of snow on the way. If I thought 60’s in December was great, I wouldn’t live in NEW ENGLAND! So stick to the highs, the lows and whether it’s going to rain or not and let us decide what’s “great weather.”

6. I’m not sure why the Boston Globe this past Sunday fronted a story about changes in the Catholic Church’s translation. At church this past Sunday, when the priest said, “The Lord be with you,” we were suppose to respond, “And with your spirit” instead of “And also with you.” Not exactly Vatican II.