Veteran state capitol reporter Ted Mann is out with a series of articles for Hearst newspapers on Gov. Dannel Malloy, after spending a year “embedded” with the governor. There is no better man for the job.

After 5 years working directly with the capitol press corps, I know them. I know them as fair, honest and talented people as a group. Yet I am of the opinion that there are only a few that could pull off what Mann did—spend a year with Malloy, with unprecedented access, see the governor is just about all situations, and write a fair, insightful series.

Ted Mann is a capable and likable reporter. At the same time, he doesn’t back down from tough or confrontational stories. His battles with the Rell administration immediately come to mind. He laid bare the facts that showed it was actually the Moody administration (Rell’s chief of Staff and general bully Lisa Moody). The Shad and Mann are in the same boat as far as Moody—we’re personas non grata. She’d prefer to sink the boat.

Just like a portion of the general voting public, reporters, particularly those who have been on the same beat for many years, get cynical, humorless and sometimes nasty. Mann isn’t among them. His series continues and for me, it’s a must-read.

Your thoughts?

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