The race for the Democratic nomination for governor gets a little more interesting today when former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy, trailing businessman and failed US Senate candidate Ned Lamont in the polls, announces that state Comptroller Nancy Wyman is his running mate. The move was reported by the Journal Inquirer and web-based media outlets including and then and

If Malloy is trying to trump or at least neutralize Lamont’s picking of Simsbury First Selectman Mary Glassman as his choice for lieutenant governor, he’s succeeded. Wyman is extremely popular and is the second longest-serving statewide office holder behind Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. She is considered well-school on fiscal matters and balances Malloy geographically as she is from Tolland.

If Wyman does indeed join Malloy, it begs the question, why? She has a seemingly secure office in comptroller and has actually been given a bit more power when the general assembly passed a law making the comptroller the “tie-breaker” when the office of policy and management (the governor’s budget director) and the office of fiscal analysis (the non-partisan budget office of the legislature) disagree on the size of the budget deficit—which almost always happens. The second spot behind the governor has traditionally been one of little consequence unless of course, something happens to the governor. It has been a source of frustration for capable office holders who actually want to get something done and have an positive impact on the state.


Wyman leaving the comptroller’s office opens up the floodgates for politicians who have longed for higher office but have been unable to get through the logjams that were the comptroller’s, attorney general’s and secretary of state’s offices. Those mentioned as wanting to succeed Wyman include Health Advocate Kevin Lembo who has been among the hardest working candidates, but for lieutenant governor; Waterbury Mayor Mike Jarjura who explored a run for governor; and state Senator Gayle Slossberg.

Yes, it’s getting very difficult to tell to the players and the offices they seek without a scorecard.


To no one’s surprise, Democratic nominating conventions blessed current members of Congress for another term. John Larson, Joe Courtney, Rosa DeLauro, Jim Himes and Chris Murphy all secured their nominations. Republicans will try to cash in on the anti-incumbant fervor supposedly sweeping the country but while polls always show Congress getting low marks, the public is usually satisfied with their own representative. Lacking any big issues with them personally, all five Democrats are likely to be returned to office.

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