Now that state Comptroller Nancy Wyman has joined gubernatorial candidate Dan Malloy as his running mate, numerous names have surfaced as possible successors to Wyman. You can add one more. Former state Senate President and Lt. Governor Kevin B. Sullivan is interested in the job.

Sullivan, currently the president and CEO of The Children’s Museum in his hometown of West Hartford, confirmed his interest to The Shad. Other names being tossed around include Health Care Advocate Kevin Lembo; Waterbury Mayor Michael Jarjura; state Senator Gayle Slossberg; and state Rep. Tom Reynolds.

Sullivan differs from the others in one important aspect: He has been in the trenches of budget negotiations as senate president—hands-on, number-crunching with various fiscal experts, always just as or more knowledgeable than those across the table. In other words, he has more experience with state fiscal matters than the others mentioned (As communications director for the Senate Democrats, The Shad was in the room to witness Sullivan’s financial expertise).

Working against Sullivan is the fact that he has been out of the public eye for some time now and the fact that the party establishment may opt not for the most qualified but for rewarding another candidate for past work.


Wyman was apparently coaxed to run with Malloy by a promise to oversee fiscal policy in a Malloy administration. If nothing else, Malloy’s move trumps that of rival Ned Lamont who picked Simsbury First Selectman Mary Glassman who also had been exploring a run for governor. Dating back to her days as a state representative from Tolland, Wyman is a proven vote-getter who has never lost an election.

The Malloy-Wyman announcement had a ripple effect on candidates and the offices they seek, hence the need for the scorecard mentioned here yesterday. Health care Advocate Kevin Lembo, who has worked as hard as anyone in a bid for lieutenant governor, is abandoning that bid this morning, reportedly in favor of a run for comptroller. And round and round we go.


Former TV anchor Janet Peckinpaugh took a quick tour of the Capitol and the 2nd congressional district as she formally announced that she would seek the Republican nomination to take on incumbent Democratic Congressman Joe Courtney. She met with reporters and said her experience as a reporter and communicator would serve her well in Congress.


Republican State Party Chairman Chris Healy looks pretty desperate to keep Susan Bysiewicz off the ballot for attorney general. A judge ruled Bysiewicz did have the required 10 years of “active practice” as an attorney to qualify for AG. Having lost in court, Healy turned his considerable ire toward Judge Michael Sheldon saying, “I don’t know if the judge was at the same trial as we were. I don’t know if he looked at the same evidence –or the lack of evidence, or the quality of it, that Susan Bysiewicz provided to show that she practiced any form of law during this last 12 years. … It’s amazing how somebody who’s studied and taught the law — that he could stretch the law to such an absurd length, in a way that’s sort of demeaning to anyone out there who is practicing law.” The state GOP is now appealing Judge Sheldon’s ruling.

The Shad has admired the effectiveness of Healy as a party chair but it seems as though in the Bysiewicz case, he is all but admitting that the only way to stop her from winning is to stop her from running.


UConn President Michael Hogan is beating feet out of Storrs after only three years to take the top spot—and a pay cut—at the University of Illinois. Governor Rell’s reaction? She is…wait for it… “deeply disappointed.” Shocking.