This is a collection of random thoughts and observations that I hope are as fun to read as they are to write.

1. The Shad is one who does not think that sunny and 54 degrees two days before Christmas is “great weather.” I chose to live in New England for a reason—the seasons. So note to meteorologists: Stop editorializing the weather.

2. Speaking of warm weather in December, I was getting a newspaper out of the little newspaper box this week; it was 6 am so it was a bit cold. I noticed snow flurries falling on me—awesome! Until I realized that there was a guy on a scaffolding who was drilling into the front of a store. My snow flurries were tiny bits of white paint. A cruel joke, indeed.

3. State Senate President Don Williams is one smart guy and played this whole “What do we do with a Democratic governor?” thing perfectly. He stayed in the game but backed Gov. Malloy’s initiatives (as opposed to Speaker of the House Chris Donovan who made it his job to protect labor and therefore running up against Malloy). Williams told me a while ago that he felt no need to take center stage. As Williams’ communication director a few years ago, his successful strategy doesn’t surprise me. Well played.

4. ABC has replaced Christiane Amanpour with George Stephanopoulos on its Sunday show, “This Week.” Gee, a former Democratic advisor and spokesman for a top Democrat gets a TV gig as an unbiased, fair-minded journalist…Hmmm.

5. You know you’re getting old when Fonzie (Henry Winkler) is pitching reverse mortgages to retired folks. And to add insult to injury, Fonzie says if you act now, you can get a little magnifying glass with an LCD light. Sad thing is, I think I could use it.

6. Apparently I ruffled some feathers with my op-ed posted on Too bad. I call ‘em as I see’em. Generally, my entries are honestly supportive of just about everything Malloy has done in the last. Not this time.