The 2010 US Senate race in Connecticut will certainly be remembered as one that saw media saturation. Multimillionaire Democrat Richard Blumenthal defeated multimillionaire Republican Linda McMahon. Some voters were fed up with the near-daily mail pieces from the McMahon campaign and both camps spent big on television. The big hit against McMahon was that the business experience she was touting was her build-up of the WWE. She claimed she and her husband, Vince, were proven job creators. Democrats countered that the WWE was a drug-fueled, misogynistic operation.

Well, Vince is being used again—this time to slap around Mitt Romney. A short video put out by the Democratic National Committee pokes fun at Romney’s now-infamous “I like to fire people…” comment with some recognizable faces including that of Vince.


For the record, Romney was talking about being able to replace one’s insurance company with another if one thought that the company wasn’t cutting it. Of course, that doesn’t matter.

Meanwhile, Linda McMahon is having her own problems.