Gov. Dannel Malloy apparently doesn’t really care if reporters, columnists, bloggers and TV talking heads (I admit to being the last two) speculate that he has national ambitions because he isn’t hiding the telling signs. Two more signals were delivered this week. One was very subtle and the other quite obvious.

The obvious is yet another foreign trip. The governor is in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. He tells the Hartford Courant that he’s “prospecting” for business for the state. However, this foreign trip may also be a way for Malloy to rubs elbows with the muckety-mucks of the global financial system, bringing him some serious cred back in the US. Malloy has already been to Kuwait with US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to boost his foreign policy experience.

The less obvious sign Malloy has his eyes on higher office came after President Obama gave his State of the Union speech Tuesday. Many of the state’s Congressional delegation put out statements praising the speech (they’re all Democrats). For instance:
• US Sen. Richard Blumenthal: “[The speech was] very powerful and compelling road map to economic success.”
• US Rep. Rosa DeLauro: “What the president did was capture the most important issue we face: how do we rebuild the middle class.”
• US Rep. and now US Senate candidate Chris Murphy: “He led with manufacturing, which was music to my ears…”
Now read this from Gov. Malloy’s statement:
“The President and I share a common vision for a strong and thriving economy — an economy that creates jobs and grows our middle class.”

I may be reading too much into that sentence, but it puts Malloy on same stand as the president—not the same office—but certainly pointing out Obama and Malloy agree on a vision. As someone who used to write these statements, I would have question the wording; unless of course, that’s where the boss is heading.

Your thoughts?

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