St. Peter at the Pearly Gates: “OK! Who’s next?”
Joe Paterno: “I guess I am. I’m legendary Penn State Football coach Joe Paterno. I was basically a God at that school.”
St. Peter: “I wouldn’t use that term here…Anyway, ah,ah…Yes, here it is. Oh, you’ll be in the Cardinal Bernard Law suite. You two will have plenty to talk about.”
Joe Paterno: “But he’s not even dead.”
St. Peter: “That’s ok, we’ve got it ready anyway. Alrighty, then to get to the Cardinal Law suite, go down to the elevator and take it ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM. And oh, you won’t be needing that parka, or that sweater vest. Better keep the dark glasses.”

All kidding aside, this will be the last I write on this topic for some time. My conclusion? The thousands of people who descended upon State College to walk past Paterno now that he bought a pine condo disgust me. It simply shows the extent of the hypnotic power Paterno had over them. Thousands of people drinking the blue Kool-Aid, walking like lemmings to get a last look.

He’s a disgrace who looked the other way when that monster on his staff was abusing kids. He knew about and let it fester for NINE MORE YEARS. Football coaches are suppose to be teachers, molders of young minds. But Paterno became a king and he wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize his minions. He may have been a good football coach but he fail miserably as a human being. Bye-bye, JoPa. The abused kids whose lives are shattered by you putting your kingdom first won’t miss you.