The 2010 political nominating conventions are in the books and all of the hotly contested races are still hotly contested; maybe even more so. For some time now, the conventions are little more than coronations and a means for politicos to make speeches, carry signs, and have big parties. That is not to say these activities are completely unimportant. People reconnect, energize and set strategies for the primaries at the conventions. But we should stop pretending they really mean anything when it comes to deciding who the actual nominees for November will be.

The “winners” at the conventions:

US Senate: Linda McMahon
Governor: Tom Foley
Lt. Governor: Mark Boughton
Attorney General: Martha Dean
Secretary of the State: Jerry Ferrell, Jr.
Comptroller: Jack Orchulli
Treasurer: Jeff Wright

US Senate: Richard Blumenthal
Governor: Dan Malloy
Lt. Governor: Nancy Wyman
Attorney General: George Jepsen
Secretary of the State: Denise Merrill
Comptroller: Kevin Lembo
Treasurer: Denise Nappier

Newly endorsed US Senate candidate Democrat Richard Blumenthal got some serious attention on national TV Sunday after a week of being hammered about and then trying to explain his embellishments about his service in Vietnam. On FOX News Sunday, National Democratic Party Chair Tom Kaine said that the people of the Connecticut know Blumenthal well enough that they will send him to Washington in November. National Republican Party Chair Michael Steele said Blumenthal has lost credibility.

Words were even stronger on NBC’s Meet the Press. Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) pointed out that there have been many times, including in the “smoking gun” Norwalk speech, that Blumenthal correctly characterized his service. Menendez then went on to attack Republican-endorsed candidate Linda McMahon, saying she was the head of an organization—pro wrestling’s WWE—that encouraged people to ravage their bodies so she could make money.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) said Blumenthal’s excuse that he “misspoke” was just as bad as the original fabrications about his military service. “It’s as if he [Blumenthal] shot himself in the foot, then reloaded and shot himself in the other.”

Blumenthal officially apologized in an e-mail last night and live in New Haven this morning.

Yesterday’s special edition on The Hanging Shad got some attention: